Amla Hair Oil (200ml)
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Amla Hair Oil (200ml)

Amla Hair Oil (200ml)

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The all New Persona Amla Hair Oil gives hair a rich natural shine. It is enriched with the goodness of Amla which helps enhance hair growth and strengthen hair roots.


Give your hair the Amla care with the Persona Amla Hair Oil. This hair oil gives the long, thick and bouncing black look by strengthening the hair roots and enhancing the hair growth. Regular use of Persona Amla Hair oil prevents dry scalp and conditions hair so that the hair looks healthy and nourished. With premium ingredients like Vegetable Oils, Amla Seed Oil and Mineral Oil, it ensures manageable soft and shiny hair.


Key Ingredients Vegetable Oils, Amla Seed Oil, Mineral Oil, Fragrance
Other Traits REVIEW : I separate my hair using a clip just the way we do in case we are straightening or curling. And, I apply this oil on the scalp/roots of the hair using a cotton round. After applying on the roots of one section I apply it on the length and brush it so that the entire strand is well saturated. I repeat this step on all the sections and put it in a bun. I wait for one-two hours depending on the time I have and wash it off with shampoo and conditioner.
Size 200 ml
Use for All age men & women