Aroma Body Oil with Pure Lavender Oil & Almond Oil
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Aroma Body Oil with Pure Lavender Oil & Almond Oil

Aroma Body Oil with Pure Lavender Oil & Almond Oil

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Quick Overview

A super rich combination of premium essential oils, that provide deep nourishment to your skin, making it radiant, soft & supple.

Relaxes muscles, and makes skin smooth & soft. Stops pre-mature ageing & wrinkling. Aromatherapy oils reduce stress & depression, enhance deep sleep & create a healthy nervous system.


  • What is aromatherapy? How is it an effective anti-aging solution? Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine form, which makes use of essential oils for treating and revitalizing the body
  • These essential oils are fragrant oils that are extracted from certain plants; and are utilized for their medicinal properties; including anti-aging benefits
  • Aromatherapy can help alleviate the symptoms and signs of aging, physical, physiological and mental; keeping us feeling and looking young
  • Certain aromatic oils are anti-oxidant in nature
  • Their application prevents tissue degeneration, which is associated with aging, as well as promotes cellular renewal; which helps maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin, while delaying wrinkling
  • Physiologically, certain oils help relieve muscle aches and pains that too are associated with an aging body; while others help reduce headaches, stress, or sleeplessness of an aging mind
  • Almond Oil easily absorbed and relieves muscular pain
  • Rich in Vitamin A
  • Reduces fine lines & skin wrinkling
  • Manjistha Extract improves skin complexion
  • Aromatic Lavender Oil & Cedarwood Oil have excellent skin firming & Anti ageing properties
  • Reduce stress & headache

Additional Information

How is Lavender Oil an effective anti-aging agent?

Extracted from the flower of Lavandula officianalis, lavender oil is a great anti-aging agent. Its anti-oxidant constituent, polyphenols, prevent degeneration of tissues, as well as stimulate growth of new cells. It helps decongest skin as well as promotes healing; the latter owed to the presence of linalool. Additionally, its anti-bacterial property is effective against minor skin infections; while the oil also helps treat sun-burn and acne. Lavender oil also exhibits calming properties; and is thus used to relieve headaches, migraines, depression, anxiety, stress as well as insomnia. A massage with this oil stimulates blood circulation as well as relaxes tense muscles; while its anti-inflammatory action helps relieve localized pains.

What properties of Cedarwood Oil make it an important constituent in this formulation?

Also known as cedar oil, cedarwood oil is a derivative of a range of cone-bearing (or coniferous) trees. It is known to regulate the production of natural body oil; thus maintaining moisture balance, while fighting acne. It even prevents premature aging of the skin; as its astringent property keeps the skin firm, tightens enlarged pores; while the skin’s elasticity is enhanced. A cedarwood oil massage helps increase the body’s metabolism while also bettering blood circulation. This helps in lowering of water retention and cellulite; thus effective in weight management. Its tranquilizing effect further helps in reduction of stress and anxiety; while promoting sleep. Moreover, this oil is also beneficial in relaxing strained muscles and easing joint and muscle pain.


Benefits Anti-Ageing
Formulation Oil
Key Ingredients @ Almond Oil : Helps for removing dead skin cells from your skin. Acts as a very good recipe to add shine to face by giving a refreshing and younger look. @ Manjistha Extract : Used externally and internally that makes the skin lustrous and glowing. Helps to remove pimples, acne, burns, eczema, freckles and discoloration of skin.
Other Traits Application Area - Body Both use Men & women also child.
Size 50 ml
Skin type All Skin Types
Type Organic & Natural