Automobile Wash liquid / Car wash shampoo
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Automobile Wash liquid / Car wash shampoo

Automobile Wash liquid / Car wash shampoo


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Automobile Wash
  Daily Use Car Shampoo for Sparkling Shine and Satin Smooth Finish
  It removes the unwanted stains from your car!
  Just add one cup cap of Fresno Car Shampoo in one Bucket of water
  For weekly car shining splash with nozzle on soft foam / flannel and gently scrub for good cleaning!
Fresno & Bakersfield brings Innovative car shampoo formula to give your car a perfect shining and sparkle finish.
Silicone water repellent will keep water repelled from windshield and car body. Will also provide protection to paint and provide silicone smooth finish.
Packing-325 ml

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Size 325 ml
Type Natural & ECO friendly
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