CORN ROSE CONDITIONER with Hibiscus extract (110mlx3)
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CORN ROSE CONDITIONER with Hibiscus extract (110mlx3)

CORN ROSE CONDITIONER with Hibiscus extract (110mlx3)

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Quick Overview

Ultra nutrient-rich conditioning formulation, this product is bound to give you hair that is healthy & beautiful. The mineral content of Corn Rose & Hibiscus Extract moisturizes & nourishes each strand from root to tip, increase hair elasticity and repairs damage. The result: your hair is stronger, softer and shinier!


  • Red Corn Rose : Moisturizes & Softens Hair. Adds Shine and Bounce.

  • Hibiscus Extract : Deeply Nourishes & Strengthens Hair. Repairs Damage.



Ideal For Men, Women
Other Traits Ultra Nutrient-rich Conditioning Formulation, Nourishes Root to Tip, Increases Hair Elasticity, Repairs Damage, Adds Shine to Hair, Strengthens and Softens Hair,
Size 110 ml x 3 pcs
Use for Hair Shine, Damage Repair, Nourishment & Moisturization
Type Organic & herbal