Aloe Fresh Shaving cream
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Aloe Fresh Shaving cream

Aloe Fresh Shaving cream


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Aloe Fresh Shaving cream

Shaving can be fun experience too! The all new Aloe fresh Shaving Cream from Vinkam Products.  It not only allows a closer shave but also conditions the skin, giving a smooth and less irritating shave


This Shaving Cream gives a power packed shaving. It makes thick rich foam which spreads easily on the face helping the razor glide effortlessly over the skin. It is formulated with unique ingredients that soften and lift the beard to give a close and comfortable shave.

It contains natural moisturisers and conditioners derived from Shea Butter and It’s infused with Natural Whole Fresh Aloevera extracts and richness of Palm Olive oil & Shea Butter. Very refreshing! Made with love and care to protect your tender skin .It rinses easily from the face and blade, leaving behind a clean and soft skin.

Other Ingredients

Aloevera ,Palm Olive oil & Shea Butter, Whole Fresh Aloevera Extract

Size – 120 gm

Size 120 gm
Skin type All skin
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