Vaadi Herbals Assorted Soaps Gift Pack (Set of 6)
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 Vaadi Herbals Assorted Soaps Gift Pack (Set of 6)

Vaadi Herbals Assorted Soaps Gift Pack (Set of 6)

Brand: Vaadi Herbals

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Vaadi Herbals Assorted Soaps Gift Pack (Set of 6) Price: Rs. 222

Start your day on a fresh note by bathing with these soaps from Vaadi Herbals that invigorate your senses and cleanse your skin effectively.

Enchanting Rose Soap

Coming to you with English rose’s astringency and rich vitamin C, this soap is created with anti-pigmentation formula that reduces dark spots and blemishes.

Lavish Almond Soap

Enriched with almond oil, this soap improves your complexion and leaves you with soft and supple skin.

Heavenly Lavender Soap

Use this soap to revitalize your skin by improving blood circulation. This soap relieves congestion, reduces puffiness and promotes cellular regeneration.

Tempting Chocolate and Mint Soap

Use this soap to cleanse and moisturize your skin and keep it supple and smooth. The cocoa provides intense moisturization while mint keeps your skin healthy.

Purifying Neem and Tulsi Soap

This soap fights harmful germs and bacteria to endow you with skin that is healthy and well-maintained.

Luxurious Saffron Soap

This soap comes with the goodness of saffron that lightens your skin tone and gives you a bright and even complexion.

Gift Pack Yes
Kit Contents Enchanting Rose Soap (75gm), Lavish Almond Soap(75gm), Heavenly Lavender Soap(75gm), Tempting Chocolate and Mint Soap(75gm), Purifying Neem and Tulsi Soap(75gm), Luxurious Saffron Soap(75gm)
Number of Contents in Combo Set 6 pcs
Skin type All skin
Suitable For Men, Women
Type Organic